Global Forum of University Presidents 2021 (GFUP 2021)

Universities serve as the lighthouse of human civilization, inherit knowledge and culture, as well as educate young talents. As we reflect on the tremendous changes to the university and the profound challenges that universities face in the 21st century - such as global warming and health emergen...

#ConnectingTsinghua - Together as One

Mark your calendars, everyone! Tsinghua will commemorate its 110th anniversary on 25 April. Send your #HappyBirthdayTsinghua wishes and #MyTsinghuaStory to Follow us on social media and use #ConnectingTsinghua to join in!

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#TsinghuaRen - Sharing our stories

In the lead up to Tsinghua's 110th anniversary, we will be sharing stories about our campus life, campus culture, teaching-learning environment, distinct university values that bring out the best of #TsinghuaRen coming from across the world. Thank you for being part of our community. Let's embark on a journey of excellence with Tsinghua. Follow our accounts for the latest stories we publish.

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Your Tsinghua story starts here

Tsinghua, a university with a beautiful campus. Life here, full of happenings. It is going to be more so as the university’s 110th anniversary draws near. Are you ready to explore?We bring you videos that take you straight to Tsinghua and let you explore the campus and experience university life through fascinating visual storytelling and virtual tours. We hope you will enjoy them!

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